Who are the under-30 Africans that inspire you?

IRAWO was born from the thirty seconds of hesitation which follow that question.

Irawo is a digital media which only swears by African talent. We strive to find and promote young and gifted people from the continent, wherever they might be. We showcase talents to inspire, create references, role models that resemble the African youth who need it the most.

Irawo means Star in Nago language, a local language of Benin. Click To Tweet

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Irawo is a the gigantic directory of young African stars. Since 2014, we have been showing the picture of a positive Africa. Irawo is the reading of an ambitious and working African youth whose story has reached more than 300 000 people. Irawo unveils the shining African youth through inspiring success stories. We make interviews-portrait of young Africans recognized irawos, stars, content (articles, broadcast, reportages) about talent, employment, passion, etc.

Team Irawo
Team Irawo

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