Jowël Maestro, Master of jewels.

If you had a magic stick, what would you do with it? You all know that question, this hard and beautiful  question which spy on our more muddy desires. The man of these words, never had to answer the question. He was born with a magic stick, fingers in the nose. He is not afraid to say so, he is a master, his 22000 facebook followers will confirm it. I will confirm it, me who would have sworn seeing a show-off who took a picture of his Jack Daniels. But appearances and their deceit, and you quickly find yourself fooled. It was only a drawing, but it was an art work who took shape under some common BIC pens.

My heart which is throbbing before such a great talent. With words ones draw life, but with a BIC pen, others show a universe. The world needs beauty to get excited, i’m showing Jowël’s world, which does not need a land to flourish but just a BIC. Yes, he is not wrong, the future is drawing and of the most beautiful colors … Hope, Dare and Live…

 Jowël Maestro, Jewel Maestro, collects the “Oh”, “Ah”, “Waoh”, it’s neither a Rocco nor a chorister, but how stunned can he make you! This rocket talent accepted to let me show him, to those of you who only live for the thrill. May I also give you the will to create and to dare. Thank you Jowël for this drawings of hope.


Tell us Jowël Maestro, how and when did all this venture start?

All this started when I was a child. Back then, my elder brother was the best drawer of the family and I inherited this passion from him. But through time my professional life took over and I had to give up on my passion for many years. It’s been only six months since I got back to my pens and pencils just to kill time and I have not been able to abandon again.

Jowël Maestro, why not the crazy drawer, or drawings of my pens?

[smile] According to the dictionary, maestro is an Italian word which names the master, someone who has reached the higher levels in his art. So at the time I chose my pseudo, I was passionated by music (I used to play guitar) an it’s my mentor who gave me this pseudo because of the speed at which I assimilated the course. I have adopted it since then.

Who are you on the street?

As I have several facets, I prefer to keep the mystery on my patronym [laughs]. Otherwise I am a thirty-year-old who had his license in Business Communication. After my first experience in business (four years), i started my own wholesale activities for a brand that I distribute here in Bénin.

Which drawing are you most proud of?

Of all my drawings, I can affirm without the shade of a doubt that the glass of wine remains my preferred.


Why BIC? Why not the Schneider’s? As I say, why not pencils, paints?

In fact, all started by graphite pencils, then I gradually switched to color pencils. Afterwards, there were pens which eventually seduce me more than all the rest and especially the brand “Bic” that reminds me of my high-school years. As for paintings, I find that there are already too many painters, so I wanted to try something that everyone does not know yet.

Are you aware of the freak show you have initiated? They want it all, again and again…

[Laughs]. And I don’t speak of the hundreds of private messages (commonly called “in box” ed.) which are flooding my page day to day. It is actually terrible the speed at which things have gone. And to say that initially I was doing it “just for fun”.

Full of seeds would like to hatch, could you give them a reason to dare?

There is a famous quote I have built my life upon : “You can give up anytime, so why give up now?”. So believe in your dreams and give it all your energy, one day, the will come true.

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So can we shout at a career or you want to do us the trick/blow of the violin of Ingres?

As I said, it was just a passion but which is taking incredible proportions and as an acquaintance of mine said “you lose nothing by trying”. So this time it’s decided: I’m going for good.

A drawing for our eyes?

We have the exclusivity of this drawing … find out the finished version on his page.

What was your foolishest folly?

It was at the end of my last year before high school, the day I drew a life-size manga character (Sangoku) on the back wall of the classroom. The principal showed up at the end of the hour and gravely asked “Who did this?” I just remember answering “Isn’t that beautiful, Sir?”

Apart from giving us Oh, Ah, Waoh, what are your other passions?

Well, apart from drawing there is music (guitar). I’ve took part in a few albums by local and international artists. I’m also passionate about slam and poetry (I belong to the Group of slam “10 BP 229”). And I also try photography.

Would you agree to a brain extraction…? It does not hurt, I assure you …

[laughters] I have no objection, as long as I still have my hands to amaze my fans through my drawings

What do you lack to flourish more in art? A message to the authorities? Fist, mouth blow and heart?

To give my best shot, I think what I miss the most is the support from young Beninese and authorities. I would rather say that it’s not enough. But I am able to compensate for this lack  by the the thousand of testimonies and encouragements I receive from my foreign fans (which are Ivorians for the largest part).

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